Who is Franq Nitti?

Ricardo Dwight Trail, better known as Franq Nitti, is a Reggae/Dancehall singer, songwriter, and deejay from Spanish Town, Jamaica. Since his debut of the single “I’m Ready” in 2009, Nitti has released several songs, including “Even Though” with Jah Vincci, “Love My Slimmaz,” a spin on Style X’s “Me Love My Fatty,” and a cover performance of Ray Charle’s “Hit the Road Jack” with songster IQuey.

To kick off 2023, Nitti released the love song "Believe It," and followed up with a hit, called "Here I Am" in time for Reggae Month. "Here I Am" is a Reggae single produced by Renardo "Amir" Trail of Block 33 Music. Nitti sings about the beautiful. island he is from, as he presents himself as the perfect man for women who can't get enough of Jamaican men. When asked what fans should expect from his new music and video, he says, "An authentic old school Jamaican feel." "Here I Am" is available on all platforms.